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  2. Apr 15,  · Setting up your Sonos player is really easy, but what if you want to give your previously used devices to another family member or a friend?In order to register a Sonos device to a new e-mail address, you will have to factory reset it. RELATED: How to Set Up a New Sonos Speaker Resetting your device is not intended to act as a troubleshooting technique, because it will erase everything on it.
  3. While most people keep their file systems relatively close to default, it's it almost always better to have someone work this through with you in real time through a remote session. This way a technician will be able to work with you through a computer on your local network to address this problem.
  4. The above graph displays service status activity for storapiphforseroclicaprefulljotil.coinfo over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller/5(15).
  5. Oct 20,  · I have downloaded an MP3 audio file -- and would like to play it through my Sonos setup. ie, Laptop to Play5. In desperation I converted the MP3 file to WAV, hoping it would drag from WinExp onto Sonos Queue. Neither MP3 nor WAV will "drop." onto Sonos queue.:o The MP3 file weighs in at MB BUT the WAV files weighs in at a mind boggling.
  6. I ripped all my CD's to Nero .NRG) files well before i purchased any Sonos products. Sonos doesn't recognize or see these files so I can't play any of these music files. What lossless audio compressions does Sonos support? I guess I'm going to have to rip them all over in a different format.
  7. SONOS is updating its firmware for features and fixes to their own system. As part of this update, a new Napster experience is being released. This update brings more of the Napster features you.
  8. May 05,  · It is possible to play high resolution kbps 24 bit (or 96 kbps 24 bit) files on your Sonos system, sort of. This depends on downsampling the files, but more importantly hinges on the unpublished capability of Sonos to support 48 kHz / 16 bit / kbps, higher than the .

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