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  1. Aug 06,  · Someone or something that is saucy refers to sex in a light-hearted, amusing way.
  2. adjective The definition of saucy is someone or something overly forward or bold, lively, impertinent or flippant. An overly forward and rude remark is an example of a saucy remark. A bold and lively attitude is an example of a saucy attitude.
  3. Mar 04,  · Saucy has been serving our faithful customers for over 18 years since we first opened our doors November 10th, We are a family owned restaurant and like to treat our guests as such. Casual fine dining and an inviting culture will always welcome you as our knowledgeable and friendly staff encourage you to enjoy our great food and relaxing /5().
  4. Saucy Caption: The Coast Guard-manned Saucy (PG) in the Atlantic, wearing much-weathered disruptive pattern camouflage. She is one of ten British-built "Flower"-class corvettes transferred to.
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  6. C. Saucy provides superior medical apparel for the working woman. Our founder, Chloe’, realized this need when she started her first nursing job. She searched for a scrub skirt set that would meet her daily needs on the job, but found options that were uncomfortable, unflattering, and felt unprofessional.

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