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  1. Every game played this summer is an opportunity to prepare for next spring. A lot of the guys on the field on Wednesday will be big pieces to what the Cardinals’ varsity team looks like in
  2. Standard 3: Participate in at least 6 varsity meets and finish the season in good standing (including being eligible from an academic and attendance standpoint). Standard 4: Perform at the levels listed below and/or participate in the Niagara Frontier Varsity League Meet. NOTE: If an athlete meets all 4 standards, a varsity letter is earned. If.
  3. Proper gradation of the warning track mix allows the material to compact just enough to give outfielders increased traction and optimum playability. Testimonials "H&K “Magic Mix” playing surface material allows our field to dry quicker than we thought possible. Coaches, players, fans, and umpires all appreciate getting games completed as.
  4. Apr 07,  · Most of the warning track products available today are not inexpensive, so you will not want to waste it. Maintenance of a warning track can vary based on material, use, budget and staff availability. Most high profile venues will treat the track similar to the infield clay by dragging and rolling regularly. You have to use the same care not to.
  5. Warning Track Mix: Bocce Court Mix: Athletic Field Line Marker: Turf Topdressing: Groundskeeping: PREMIUM Diamond-Tex® PREMIUM DIAMOND-TEX® is an excellent surface for varsity baseball/softball, Little League, Babe Ruth, Legion, adult softball, colleges and universities or wherever a competitive league requires an excellent quality.
  6. 3/8″ to dust, gray color. Economical use for warning tracks. TURF USGA Sports Turf Sand. USGA Sports Turf Sand is screened to the USGA requirements to increase percolation and reduce compaction. Sand/Soil Mixes. Sand-Soil Mixes are available in ratios of 80/20, 70/30 and 50/50 depending on your field requirements.
  7. Width of a warning track. The track should be wide enough to give players a three-step warning (at full speed) that they are approaching a barrier. Their first step onto the track alerts them with a different texture under their feet. Their second and third steps allow players to decelerate before making contact with the barrier. The width of the warning track is determined by the oldest age.
  8. Warning Track Mix. Beautiful red track mix that compacts to provide a stable, safe warning track for all athletic fields. It also makes a great mix for dugouts, walking paths, and even running tracks. Note: Bulk availability only, weather permitting. Sand. A USGA Spec Sand is .
  9. WARNING TRACK MIX: DIAMOND-TEX® WARNING TRACK MIX is a coarse reddish material ideally suited for warning and maintenance tracks. Warning Track Mix compacts for a firm surface, yet has enough course material to stay loose on top. This mix is sturdy enough for your maintenance vehicles, yet sheds rain quickly.

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