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  1. A Quick Look at Color Theory. Understanding color is the first step to applying it successfully in your design. Like anything else, color theory is a complex subject that analyzes how different hues/shades interact with one another. However a few basic tips can often be the difference between finding that perfect palette and falling flat on.
  2. Search Millions of Colors. On COLOURlovers you'll find over 10,, user created colors to inspire your creative projects. Get the RSS feed of the latest colors created or share your favorite colors with thousands of other lovers in our growing creative community.
  3. For small rooms and interiors with low ceilings the ceiling paint color should be light and the floor finish can be darker. Soft contrasts in interior design colors help stretch small spaces visually. Medium to light gray color tones and all brown colors are good for floor finish in small rooms with white ceilings and light wall paint colors.
  4. Apr 27,  · Drawing in Color - posted in Sketching: Occasionally I will venture out with some colored pencils and have a go at Mars. Never have I represent the color of Mars using pencils. But, there must be someone with suggestions., N. Biver sends me some of the most amazing drawings of Mars ever but the color always seems too reddish – until I set his drawing next to a few of Damian’s of Grafton.
  5. Discover how using color can transform your decor, whether you are redoing an entire room or just wall color. Put together the perfect color scheme using inspiration from our favorite rooms and tips from interior designers and color experts. Get our best tips for incorporating your favorite colors into your decor for a home that is truly a reflection of your personality and tastes.
  6. The following is an extract from the color quiz site.. The Color quiz is partially based on research by Dr. Max Lûscher during the early 's. He has devoted his life to the study of how color affects behaviour and has been hired by some of the world's largest companies as a consultant.
  7. Jan 30,  · Color on the wall will reflect its color onto your craft and you will not see the true color you are using. Also use full spectrum light bulbs as regular light bulbs will cast a yellow or blue light on your project. Also if you are like me your craft room will be full of stuff and color on the wall adds more visual clutter in your vision.
  8. H is meteoric rise, thanks in large part to his fearless way with color, has made Patrick Mele a designer to watch. “I’m not afraid of color. I like bold statements with color. I like rich hues,” he proclaims. “I don’t tend to work a lot with muted or tertiary colors.
  9. If you like bold color, stick to clear, bright tones. In small room design, use muted colors as accent colors only. Try a monochromatic scheme: If you choose to go dark in a small space, consider going dark all over. Using a monochromatic color scheme can often make a small space appear much larger, even if the color is dark.

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