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  1. Feb 25,  · Basho, Impermanence, Jane Hirshfield, Poetics, Robert Frost, W.B. Yeats About a week ago, on a windy day, the sky seemed to change every few .
  2. The two worst translations are impermanence and “no-self”. See, “ Misinterpretation of Anicca and Anatta by Early European Scholars.” Those two Sanskrit words, anitya and anātma, are being used by many in Sri Lanka today as Sinhala words representing the translations of .
  3. Confronting impermanence profoundly, in this meditative way, can open us to liberation. The final, liberative level of impermanence is the movement towards letting go at the deepest level of our psyche. Ajahn Chah once said, “If you let go a little, you’ll have a little peace. If .
  4. Apr 08,  · Dogen asserts a way and a motivation. If impermanence is the worm at the heart of the apple of self, making suffering a built-in factor of human life, then permanence is the petal emerging from the sepal of the flower of impermanence. It makes happiness possible. Impermanence is permanent, the ongoing process of living and dying and time.
  5. The Context of Impermanence Article Andrew Olendzki. Fall If you haven't already, join our mailing list to receive quarterly articles in your inbox. Some of the best dharma talks I have ever heard are the ones given by the Buddha. Fortunately, much of what he said was recorded and transcribed, and though there are numerous histori­cal.

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